North America

North America is part of one of the America subcontinents extended over Canada, United States and Mexico. Its shape resembles a wedge, with the maximum width on the North. The continent surface is about 23.5 million Km2. It also includes Greenland, the largest island of the world.According with the archaeological evidences, the North America occupation by humans started in Pleistocene, in the Quaternary period. Most of the North American present population is of European descent, but also comprise other significant groups. United States and Canada cultural life is very diversified and developed, The media (radio, television, cinema, press) plays a very important role. Almost all North-American cities have drama companies, art museums and musical groups widely spread. The structures of traditional culture are obvious in the rural areas of Mexico, but its cities hold a number of modern cultural institutions. North America and its regions are at every's reach and its offers are more than attractive and tend to be a highly valuable tourism destination. Its natural attractions and wonderful beaches are also very common. Hotels, transportation and services infrastructure allow visitors to make a superb selection.


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