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Before traveling 1) Make sure that you have your valid personal documentation
(passport, identity card, DNI, driver license) 2) Before booking the trip, check entry visa requirements in countries to be visited or validity of previously issued visas 3) In case of having health insurance, check its reach overseas 4) Check obligatory and suggested immunizations and vaccines depending on your destination 5) If you’re under medical treatment, ask your doctor a letter in which your medications must be described, as well as its cause, and carry the drugs within their original containers during the trip 1) Hire the transportation service well in advanced in order to prevent any hitch 2) Don’t carry all of your money and documentation in the same place 3) Identify your luggage and eliminate signs related previous trips 4) Consult what kind of items can be taken in your handbag, in which you should also carry clothes for two days as well as essential belongings 5) Immediately contact the police in case of robbery or loss and keep a copy of the report 6) Don’t forget to declare your electronic items in the customs: cameras and film cameras, cell phones, among others. 7) Avoid sending electronic items so as to prevent robberies 8) Don’t forget carrying accessories such as: batteries, transformer, adaptors, etc 9) Check power voltage and socket type used in your destination country 10) Don’t eat or drink too much before traveling. Avoid drinking too much alcohol or coffee during the trip
11) Children under 2 years old travel for free if their companions carry them. 12) If you’re traveling with your couple and more than one kid, you might get separated seats. To face this situation, divide into two bags important items to be used during the trip. Thus, each parent will be able to take care of their kid. 13) Find out if the airline allows you carrying baby carriages on the airplane or they must be shipped. 14) Try to feed the baby during the takeoff and landing. It will be helpful to ease the pressure in the baby’s ears. 15) It’s also convenient to carry some gum for older children, with the same goal. 16) Advise: stay relaxed and don’t raise your voice during the flight. The baby could notice that you’re nervous and imitate you. 17) Don’t forget carrying enough diapers, cream, oil, cotton and any other important thing. 18) For older children, carry some of their favorite toys and books so they can be distracted during the flight 19) Learn about weather conditions at your destination and pack appropriate clothes Destination 1) Get information about the country’s cultural concepts as certain behavior, idioms or attitude might be considered offensive in other country 2) If you don’t know the destination, it would be convenient to stay at hotels in crowded areas 3) If there’s a safe box in your room, take its key with you, never leave it hidden in the room 4) Making phone calls from your room is more expensive than using telephone cards. Consider this option especially for long distance calls. 5) When you go out, take the hotel’s address and telephone number 6) It’s convenient to count on a map with the main areas of the city.


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