South America

South America's structure is rather simple and largely resembles North America, in both shape and arrangement of the most important morphological elements. The blend of architectural styles, the accent varieties of its languages, plastics arts, foods and beverages, the mixture of races, the mystic and varied religious terms, its customs and history, the music and the rhythm provided by the atmosphere, they all are highly prized by the hundred of tourists who visit this location every year. Supremacy, however, belongs to nature, i.e. mountains, jungles and desserts. The predominant feature is a mild climate and its charming beaches jointly with a great diversity of options to camp and to explore the mountains. Those territories as a whole not only comprise a great cultural resources but also one of the richest and complete ecosystems in land and sea flora and fauna all over the planet.


The national typical plate is known with the name of " the pinto rooster ", that is consumed in all the country and is processed with rice, black porotos and scrambled eggs.