The coat of arms currently in place was presented to the Chairman of the Senate by Her Majesty the Queen back in 1966, the same year Barbados broke away from the U.K.The golden coat of arms depicts two plants: a dwarf poinciana (the national flower) and a bearded fig (Barbados was named after this tree). The coat of arms is supported by a pelican (named after a small island that joined Barbados) and a dolphin (symbolizing the fishing industry). Atop the coat of arms there’s a wrapped helmet and reaching out from over it, the hand of a Barbados native holding two crossed sugar canes (standing for the country’s sugar industry). The cross made up by the two sugar canes stands for a reference to the cross used to crucify St. Andrew. Barbados’ Independence Day is observed on November 30 (St. Andrew’s Day).

National Anthem

In plenty and in time of needWhen this fair land was youngOur brave forefathers sowed the seedFrom which our pride is sprung,A pride that makes no wanton boastOf what it has withstoodThat binds our hearts from coast to coast - The pride of nationhood.Chorus:We loyal sons and daughters allDo hereby make it knownThese fields and hills beyond recallAre now our very own.We write our names on history's pageWith expectations great,Strict guardians of our heritage,Firm craftsmen of our fate. The Lord has been the people's guideFor past three hundred years.With him still on the people's sideWe have no doubts or fears.Upward and onward we shall go,Inspired, exulting, free,And greater will our nation growIn strength and unity.

National Symbols

The national anthem, the coat of arms, the flower and the national flag

National Flora

Barbados’ national flower is the dwarf poinciana. References to this flower dates back to 1657. It’s a shrub usually chopped or trapped inside a small trunk. It can reach from 10 to 15 feet high. This leguminous-family tree can be found in other tropical countries. The commonest varieties are both red and yellow (sun color), yet some other species can also be found. Five petals with a yellow rim that gives the flower a pyramidal indigo form the national flower, which as a matter of fact is also accepted in red with yellow rims on the petals. This is the kind of color combination depicted on the country’s coat of arms.

National Tree

The bearded fig is the national tree.

National Sports

Cricket is Barbados’ national sport.


Barbados treasures two national heroes: Errol Barrow, Father of the Independence, and Sir Garfield Sobers, a legendary cricket player.