Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands Antilles’ culture consists of traditions handed down for centuries of colonization, cultural heritage that have lived out many generations, teamed up with over fifty nationalities that make up this island nation.Most of its inhabitants speak Dutch as the official language. However, Papiamento is the tongue of choice, a mixture of Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese and African dialects. As far as their religious customs are concerned, Catholicism stands out as the dominant kind of worship on the Leeward Islands and on Seba, while St. Marteen and St. Estatuis, Protestants are majority.Their music is the result of a cultural symbiosis occurred on these islands, a mixture of African, Hispanic and Caribbean rhythms.Traditional craftsmanship uses different raw materials in making items. Shell items, for example, are cases in point, as well as coral jewelry and woodcarving. On the other hand, fabrics in the Netherlands Antilles are famous, especially of Spanish-style laceworks, silk designs and handmade cotton garments. Ceramics are worth mentioning for its peerless gentleness.The country’s major economic activities are oil refining and tourism. Willemstad is one of the Caribbean’s key trade hubs and a striking attraction for hundreds of banks and foreign-investment companies